Vehicle Storage

When the option to store a vehicle presents itself, it’s usually under specific or unique circumstances.  You store because some condition in your life calls for extra protection, temporary salvation, or a permanent solution.

We store all vehicles in our gorgeous, 8000 sq. ft., climate controlled showroom and show each one of them the utmost love.

When looking for Auto Storage Business you have to consider the following:

1. Out of Space

One of the most common issues car storage clients face, from the two-car garage owner to the automotive collector,  is a need for additional space.  Car storage is a convenient, flexible, and long-term solution that can be shaped to suit one’s particular needs.  For the collector, these plans may include anything from flat tire prevention and fluid checks to specialized multi-car discounts.  For those looking for a simple no-space solution, they can opt out of these services and still benefit from the extra security.

2. Better Protection

A high standard of security is valued by storage clients across the board.  Parking on the street, in a driveway, or out in the open leaves vehicles susceptible to car theft, break-ins, and/or exposure to damaging elements like excess moisture or heat.  Within the confines of a climate-controlled, secured structure, these hazardous elements are removed from the equation.

3. Going Out of Town / Moving

Short-term car storage is the perfect secure option for those going on vacation or permanently relocating.  When faced with the costly option of transporting their vehicle by trailer, those relocating reap savings by temporarily storing a few days to a week, until they can drive the vehicle home.  Those going out of town benefit from short-term storage by ensuring better protection of their vehicles.

4. Non-residents

Out-of-towners who own seasonal property or conduct frequent business beyond their “home” town or state are common storage customers.  Their reasoning?  Cost savings, security, and guaranteed efficiency.  Rather than pay for rental vehicle insurance, gas, and fee, and risk not having the vehicle of their choice, these clients opt for the consistent care for their own vehicles.  By doing this, they guarantee that their vehicle is accessible and meets their needs, without having to alter their preexisting insurance coverage.

5. Low Maintenance

One of the more subtle benefits of vehicle storage is the low maintenance.  Most public storage facilities do not offer amenities beyond storage in an enclosed warehouse or unit.  Granted, this provides some extra protection but the other vital safeguards that protect your engine and parts long-term are missing.  Taking advantage of packages that offer battery maintenance, fuel checks, and flat tire prevention will maintain the pristine condition of your car with little to no effort on your end.

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